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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Programs | Agape

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There is no single path to addiction recovery. Every person is shaped by experiences and physiology all their own. With facilities in Orange County, CA, Morningside Recovery offers the full spectrum of addiction and mental health treatment. Our comprehensive addiction recovery plans are specially tailored to match each client’s unique needs and strengths to ensure effective, lasting recovery. We begin the process by placing clients in supervised Detox and Residential programs, including inpatient treatment, to guarantee a safe and healthy recovery. From there, we place each client in a customized treatment program that incorporates multiple levels of care and a wide range of addiction treatment services.

Levels of Care at Agape Recovery

When it comes to treatment, there should always be multiple levels of care to ensure each client receives exactly what they need. Some clients haven’t had an addiction for very long, which means they only require a minor level of care. For those suffering from a long-term addiction, or to more potent substances, numerous levels of care are necessary to achieve lasting sobriety.

Morningside Recovery provides multiple levels of care, depending on the client’s needs. These levels of care range from detox to outpatient treatments. We also recognize that different substances require different approaches. Some substances are more dangerous and potent than others, which means they require different treatment methods. Our addiction treatment services provide help for the following substances:

The different levels of care within our addiction treatment services include the following:


Overcoming drug and alcohol addiction starts with a supervised detox that eases the symptoms of withdrawal and allows your body...


Housed in a modern and serene pavilion, clients engage in a comprehensive clinical program featuring the latest in evidence bas...

Intensive Outpatient

A dynamic treatment program allows clients to progress in treatment at their own pace while still having the full access to psy...

Outpatient Services

Connecting clients to their passions through Morningside’s vocational and academic services. Dedicated staff will aid each cl...

Addiction Treatment Services at Agape Recovery

The Agape Recovery staff never takes the blanket approach towards sobriety. Our compassionate team works hard to provide a unique experience for each of our clients. A one-size-fits-all approach is never the way to go. With numerous levels of care and varying modalities, we can provide the best care for our clients. Agape Recovery offers unique rehab with personalized treatment programs to help our clients begin to make better choices, every day. Our program can include the following modalities:

Evidence Based

Helps patients identify their negative thought patterns and behaviors. Patients will learn and develop more constructive ways t...


Clients will identify and address subconscious issues they are facing through experiences such as guided imagery, role-playing ...

Twelve Step

Clients have access to options based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). AA has been around for 80 years and has help...

Non 12 Step

SMART Recovery is a scientifically-based alternative to 12-step programs. This progressive approach helps clients stay sober an...

Are you ready to learn about our addiction treatment services? Do you think you could benefit from one or more of our service options? To find out more about our programs and how to begin, call (954)-900-1245 or head to our Contact page for our online form. We also offer numerous payment and insurance options. Take your first step and let Agape Recovery help you begin making better choices, every day.

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