How to Convince an Alcoholic to Go to Rehab

Dealing with an alcoholic loved one is never easy and, oftentimes, convincing them to go to alcohol rehab is the hardest part. When someone refuses the treatment being offered to them, it is devastating to the entire family who just wants to see their loved one get healthy. In many cases, people don’t believe that […]

5 Most Common Mental Health Conditions

Mental health condition or mental illness affects an individual’s thoughts, moods, and behaviors. Among the most common mental health conditions are anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and eating disorders. Unfortunately, more than 50% of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder at some point in their lifetime. Depending on the specific type of […]

Can Marriage Survive Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction has become an epidemic across the United States. In fact, research has proven that over 23 million Americans have suffered from problematic drug use. Unfortunately, drug addiction and abuse are known to cause serious problems within a person’s life. Some of these issues include financial strain, emotional instability, poor social skills, and marital […]