Are Kids Affected by Parents Drug Abuse?

How Parents Addictions Affect Their Kids Kids who have drug-addicted parents will undeniably suffer immensely, experiencing a wide range of serious issues later on in life as a direct result. When a child witnesses his or her mother or father suffering at the hands of a severe substance abuse disorder, an emotional, psychological and sometimes […]

Agape Offers Mental Health and Addiction Treatment During the Covid-19 Pandemic

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA (September 18, 2020) – Individuals struggling to access mental health treatment and drug rehab during Covid-19 have been given a lifeline at a Florida-based addiction rehabilitation facility, Agape Treatment Center. The novel Corona Virus has undoubtedly brought on a lot of challenges. According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), […]

Teens and Vaping: Everything You Need to Know

As a parent, trying to protect your child from experimenting with dangerous substances is extremely difficult. This applies especially in today’s society, where it seems as if each year there is a new dangerous trend. Recently, teen vaping has become a common trend. In fact, research has shown that nearly 37% of high school seniors […]