Faith Based Rehabilitation through Forgiveness

During addiction many afflictions can come about and expose the core issues of attachments from the past situations in life. In the function of emotions and mental influence, we can begin to find through studies and comparison that the deeper underlying issues, rest in the hands of the topics that are being compared, not all […]

Hope Medicine

  In our 3- Phase Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Program at Agape Treatment Center, we offer solutions to hopelessness through Spiritual Faith Based Rehab, which we call Spiritual Hope Medicine, for Addiction Help. When reviewing a source for rehabilitation and addiction medicine, I discovered in my career, by mass encountering with individuals’ struggling with […]

Activating the Present Moment: Mindfulness in Behavioral Health

Tired of living in the sadness of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow? Stop and really think about that. How many times today have you found yourself upset about something that happened days ago or worried about what might happen tomorrow? Life gets busy and more often than not, people are going at a fast […]

Helping a Loved one who is Suffering from Depression and Addiction

Helplessly watching a loved one in pain is one of the most difficult things to experience. When addiction and depression are affecting a loved one, the situation can become overwhelming and seemingly impossible to control. Addiction can be difficult to overcome, but when depression is thrown into the mix, it can be even more challenging. […]