Meditation Therapy for Addiction Treatment

When most people think of addiction treatment, they think of detox, group therapy, and 12-Step meetings. However, there are many holistic therapies that are used to treat substance abuse and are effective in aiding the healing process. For example, meditation therapy helps people manage their cravings and cope with withdrawal symptoms. For decades, meditation has […]

7 Ways to Help Someone With Depression

Depression is a common psychiatric disorder that many of our friends and loved ones suffer from. In fact, it is one of the most prevalent mental illnesses worldwide. Consequently, many of us wonder how exactly we can help someone with depression. It’s hard to stand by and watch a loved one suffer alone, and of […]

Treating Alcoholism and Bipolar Disorder

Nearly 50% of people with alcoholism or addiction also suffer from a co-occurring mental health condition. When it comes to alcoholism, there is an identifiable link between alcohol abuse and bipolar disorder. People who suffer from both alcoholism and bipolar disorder experience overlapping symptoms between the two disorders. As a result, each disorder plays off […]