Agape Launches Neuro Program to Improve Success of Addiction Treatment

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA (October 26, 2020) – Florida based Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Facility, Agape Treatment Center, has announced the launch of a Neuro Program to enhance the treatment options for recovering Alcohol and Drug addicts. The Neuro Program employs cutting edge techniques and is primarily focused on improving the emotional and mental health of […]

Is Drinking Beer Less Dangerous Than Vodka?

Is Beer or Voda More Addictive? Alcohol abuse and addiction are major public health crises, and have been or quite some time. For as long as he had access to alcohol, he has been drinking excessively and experiencing major health-related concerns as a direct result. In this current day and age, we live in what […]

Negative Effects of Ecstasy on the Brain

How Ecstasy Affects Brain Chemistry Ecstasy is an illicit psychoactive drug that is most commonly used in a social setting, such as at nightclubs or raves. Ecstasy is also known as “molly,” and is taken for its stimulant and hallucinogenic effects. Those who take this drug will immediately feel euphoric and more social than normal; […]

Is Addiction a Medical Diagnosis in the DSM-5

Classifying Addiction as a Disease When it comes to addiction, there are many existing and long-standing stigmas that – sadly – prevent many men and women from seeking the professional help they so desperately need. Many mistakenly believe that substance abuse and dependency are linked to will-power or morality. They believe that addiction is a […]