Is Court-Ordered Rehab Effective?

Drug or alcohol addiction often leads an individual to require medical addiction treatment – some of which is court-ordered rehab. While some people seek treatment on their own, others may not realize that they even have a problem. However, these individuals often experience legal repercussions as a result of their substance abuse. This is because […]

Developing a Daily Routine in Recovery

Oftentimes, people in recovery grow accustomed to the simplicity of being in treatment. During treatment, patients have a pre-determined daily schedule that helps them remain disciplined and dedicated to their recovery. Most of the time, daily routines while in treatment include breakfast, individual and group therapy sessions, and scheduled therapeutic activities with their peers. Unfortunately, […]

Adventure Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Individuals suffering from the disease of addiction often feel that happiness is a distant memory – lost forever and unreachable. After all, a life full of only drugs and alcohol is bound to be a sad and lonely one. Unfortunately, these feelings sometimes last into one’s recovery. Someone might experience isolation, loneliness, depression, and more […]