What to Look for in a Substance Abuse Counselor in Fort Lauderdale

If you’ve begun the search for a substance abuse counselor near you, you’ve taken a huge step in the right direction. Overcoming drug or alcohol addiction isn’t easy and sometimes, the hardest part is admitting you have a problem and asking for help. At the same time, there are so many addiction treatment resources available […]

How to Deal with Alcohol Withdrawal at Home

When an individual develops an addiction to alcohol, unfortunately, consuming the substance becomes their top priority. Also, it is extremely common for individuals suffering from alcohol use disorder to ignore the possible health consequences associated with alcoholism. Then, their addiction to alcohol quickly becomes accompanied by tolerance and dependency. As a result, if an individual […]

The Short & Long Term Side Effects of Alcohol Abuse

The intoxicating side effects of alcohol may set in after only one or two drinks. While most people can drink safely and in moderation, others struggle with alcohol abuse or addiction. On the other hand, some people who don’t necessarily have a problem with alcohol may engage in binge drinking, a particularly dangerous drinking pattern […]

Tips on Helping a Drug-Addicted Daughter

Finding out that your daughter is struggling with drug addiction can be extremely difficult. Oftentimes, parents are at a loss concerning how to help their drug-addicted daughter. Additionally, dealing with the effects of your daughter’s addiction can begin to take a toll on you. For example, when your daughter is addicted to drugs, you may […]