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The Research

Research published in Molecular Psychiatry showed:

Reduced anxiety, depression, cravings
Less need for strong pain relief and psychiatric drugs by correcting spinal subluxations
Dramatically increased success rates for drug detoxification
In an 18-month Chiropractic study:

  • 100% of the Active Care group completed the 28-day treatment model, while only 56% of the Usual Care Group completed the 28 days.
  • At four weeks, the Active Care group showed a significant decrease in anxiety (Spielberger State Anxiety score).
  • Among the Active Group, only 9% made one or more visits to the nursing station, while 56% of the Placebo group and 48% of the Usual Care Group visited the nursing station.

ACACD Treatment Outcomes Published in Molecular Psychiatry, Vol. 6, February, 2001

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