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Do Drug Treatment Programs Accept Health Insurance?

September 21, 2020 , Agape Treatment Center

Do Drug Treatment Programs Accept Health Insurance?

Committing to finally receive the professional help you need for drug or alcohol abuse is a major step. For those who have been suffering at the hands of alcoholism or drug addiction for any length of time, finally committing to recovery might be just about all they can handle – figuring out things like covering the cost of addiction treatment can be overwhelming. Fortunately, at Agape Treatment Center, we have developed a highly individualized program of addiction recovery that is as stress-free as possible – from start to finish. We understand that without health insurance the weighing payment options can seem like quite a lot – for this reason, our Admissions Counselors are available at all times to walk you through the process.

Does Health Insurance Cover Drug Treatment Costs?

One of the most popular ways to cover the cost of addiction treatment is through health insurance. The vast majority of major health insurance providers will cover the full cost of addiction treatment, and many will cover the cost partially, leaving only a small amount to be paid out-of-pocket. In 2010, the Affordable Care Act was passed. One of the major components of this Act was the requirement for health insurance companies to cover the cost of mental health services, including addiction treatment. The law itself was created by the Obama administration with three major goals in mind. They were:

  • To expand the Medicaid program, which was initially designed to help low-income adults obtain health insurance coverage.
  • Support more innovative healthcare methods, making insurance coverage more accessible across the board.
  • Make affordable health coverage available to more people, and ensure that the health coverages included access to behavioral health services like medical detox and inpatient drug and alcohol rehab.

Today, addiction treatment is viewed as an essential medical service – and health insurance providers acknowledge that.

What Payment Options Are Available for Addiction Treatment?

If you are currently covered by any major health insurance provider, there is a good chance that your addiction treatment experience will be partially or completely covered. If you are uninsured – or underinsured – you still have payment options available. Many treatment centers, including Agape Treatment Center, accept out-of-pocket payments. Depending on your current financial capability we can set up payment plans to make the coverage process easier and less stressful for you and your family members.

Agape Treatment Center – Quality Clinical Care

At Agape Treatment Center, we believe that quality clinical care should be readily accessible. We believe that everyone who is suffering at the hands of addiction deserves a fair shot at recovery. For this reason, we have developed a program of recovery that is unique to each case. If you are uninsured, we will work with you. If you want to pay out-of-pocket but cannot afford the full cost of treatment outright, we will do what we can to accommodate you.

Our Drug Rehab Admissions Process

Our admissions process always includes a free insurance benefits check, one that is quick, simple, and requires no obligation on your part. That is to say that insurance benefit checks are non-binding – even if it is determined that your insurance policy will completely cover the cost of treatment at our facility, you will still be able to decide where it is you want to go. Our admissions counselors will also conduct a brief assessment over the phone to determine which level of clinical care is the most applicable to your unique case. If you decide that our Agape Treatment Center will be a good match for your needs, we will set up a time for intake as soon as you and your loved ones are ready. If you are ready to overcome your addiction once and for all and begin living an entirely new way of life, simply give us a call today. We are standing by to answer any additional insurance-related questions you may have.