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George J. Mavrookas

July 28, 2019 , Agape Treatment Center

George’s strong experience in business development, organizational leadership, human resource
development, operations, project management, marketing, and customer service is invaluable as the CEO of
Agape Treatment Center’s vision and mission. George is working diligently to change the paradigm in what
we expect in a Behavioral Health Company and improving the overall quality of life with clients by truly taking
a human interest in each individual client. George is a seasoned business leader with the unique ability to
lead, motivate and inspire excellence in multiple facets of business & life. His proven success with revitalizing
multiple businesses & spearheading start-up ventures has made him a highly regarded entrepreneur in the
hospitality, real estate, and marketing sectors for more than 15 years. George graduated from Lynn University
with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration & Finance and a Master’s of Business Administration in
Marketing. George’s passion for serving others and aiding them through education and opportunities to
achieve success for themselves is what sets him apart as a leader in the community.