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Is Drinking Beer Less Dangerous Than Vodka?

Is Beer or Voda More Addictive? Alcohol abuse and addiction are major public health crises, and have been or quite some time. For as long as he had access to alcohol, he has been drinking excessively and experiencing major health-related concerns as a direct result. In this current day and age, we live in what […]

Telltale Signs That You’re Drinking Too Much

How to Tell Someone is Abusing Alcohol The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reported that during the year 2018 alone, a reported 14.4 million American adults over the age of 18 suffered from a diagnosable alcohol use disorder. (1) This figure included approximately 9.2 million men and 5.3 million women. Sadly, only 5 […]

Are Kids Affected by Parents Drug Abuse?

How Parents Addictions Affect Their Kids Kids who have drug-addicted parents will undeniably suffer immensely, experiencing a wide range of serious issues later on in life as a direct result. When a child witnesses his or her mother or father suffering at the hands of a severe substance abuse disorder, an emotional, psychological and sometimes […]

What Do Doctors Prescribe for Opioid Withdrawal?

How to Safely Minimize Opioid Detox Opioid addiction can take place quickly, and the associated symptoms can be extremely severe. Some of the more common symptoms associated with opioid addiction include: An inability to quit or cut back on opioid use despite repeated attempts to do so. The accumulation of personal consequences that directly result […]