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How Many Drinks a Day Is Considered an Alcoholic?

How Many Alcohol Drinks Per Day Is Considered an Alcoholic? Here in the United States and worldwide, drinking is very common and considered a normal thing to do, whether it’s drinking at a birthday party, at a wedding, or just relaxing after work and having wine with dinner.  If you aren’t consuming alcohol, it has […]

What Causes Alcoholism?

What Causes Alcoholism? Alcoholism is an extremely complex condition. For years and years, it was believed that those who struggled with alcoholism simply lacked morals, were sinners or had a permanent mental health condition that required long-term hospitalization. As a result, alcoholism was harshly misunderstood up until recently.  It wasn’t until Alcoholics Anonymous was first […]

What Are the Symptoms of Drinking Too Much Alcohol?

Symptoms of Drinking Too Much Alcohol Some people get too drunk one time in high school, experience a severe hangover, and successfully avoid alcohol for the remainder of their lives. Other people get too drunk in high school, get too drunk in college, and continue drinking excessively for the remainder of their adult lives. However, […]

The Role of a Healthy Sleeping Cycle in Alcohol Addiction Treatment

What is The Role of a Healthy Sleeping Cycle in Addiction Treatment? As human beings, we all have a specific set of needs, and to continue functioning, these needs must be consistently met. Basic human needs include food, water, clothing, shelter, and intimacy. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (first recorded in 1943), humans require […]