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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs Near Me

Learn About Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Near Me When seeking inpateint drug rehabs near me in West Palm Beach you can quickly get overwhelmed. There will be listings for lead generation companies and substance abuse rehabilitation facilities. Sometimes it’s hard to decipher which ones are actual addiction tretment centers. Once you find an […]

How Can You Identify An Alcoholic?

How To Identify an Alcoholic? The signs and symptoms of an alcoholic can vary with the individual and may be hard to recognize if you’re not educated on what symptoms to look out for. In addition, alcoholism has various psychological, physical, and social effects that can drastically reduce people’s quality of living. Many of the […]

Do Alcoholics Get Drunk Faster?

Do Alcoholics Get Drunk Faster or Build Tolerance? Alcoholism is a cunning, baffling, and powerful disease. Those who struggle with alcoholism often experience a range of external consequences and behavioral changes inconsistent with other chronic diseases. For example, they might experience the loss of a job or career because they keep showing up to work […]

Do Alcoholics Get Worse With Age?

How Does Alcohol Affect Someone Over Time? Agape Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center speaks about the long-term effects of drugs and alcohol. Our experienced and credentialed staff felt it necessary to educate on how alcohol affects individuals and their families over time. Getting in trouble or having consequences of drinking too much alcohol has affected […]

Alcoholism and How It Leads to Dysfunction in Families

How Alcoholism Leads to Dysfunction in Families? Alcoholism within a family is a perennial problem that can destroy a marriage and create a lifelong discord and scourge in the heart and minds of family members, particularly children. This implies that people who drink alcohol repetitively and compulsively can become extravagant with the family budget, ignore […]

What’s the Lifespan of an Alcoholic?

Alcohol Abuse Disorder and Lifespan of an Alcoholic Alcohol addiction is commonly referred to as “alcoholism,” and people who struggle with it are usually called “alcoholics”. Those who suffer from alcohol abuse disorder do not just drink too much or drink routinely; they have a compulsion to drink alcohol, they have to drink all the […]

Do Alcoholics Live Shorter Lives?

Does Alcohol Shorten Live? Alcohol consumption seems to be an unavoidable part of life. No matter which restaurant you decide upon, the waitstaff greets you with a drink menu and a standard inquiry, “What are you drinking tonight?” People tap kegs, take shots, and proposed toasts no matter which party you choose to attend.  According […]

Why Does Alcohol Dehydrate?

Why Does Drinking Alcohol Cause Dehydration? If you’ve ever celebrated after work, go out for a happy hour, or any a work of life’s special moments with a few alcoholic drinks, you know how it can impact every aspect of you the next day. Symptoms like a pounding headache, sensitivity to bright lights, nausea, and extreme thirst can be […]

How Much Alcohol Is Safe per Day?

Alcohol as Second The Most Widely Used Substance According to the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 85.6 percent of people ages 18 and older reported that they drank alcohol at some point in their lifetime, 69.5 percent reported that they drank in the past year, and 54.9 percent (59.1 percent of […]

What Are the First Signs of Liver Damage From Alcohol?

First Signs of Liver Damage From Alcohol One of your most important organs, the liver, can be found on the upper right side of your abdomen, just under your ribs. Your liver has many functions that are essential to your health, such as: breaking down drugs, alcohol, and other potentially toxic substances producing bile to […]

What Happens if You Drink Every Day?

What Consequences Come From Drinking Alcohol Every Day? Drinking alcohol has always been a major part of American culture. But, now more than ever before, people are reaching for alcohol as a way to make it through these trying and uncertain times. Alcohol sales have increased by over 20 percent since the start of the […]

How Many Drinks a Day Is Considered an Alcoholic?

How Many Alcohol Drinks Per Day Is Considered an Alcoholic? Here in the United States and worldwide, drinking is very common and considered a normal thing to do, whether it’s drinking at a birthday party, at a wedding, or just relaxing after work and having wine with dinner.  If you aren’t consuming alcohol, it has […]

What Causes Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is an extremely complex condition. For years and years, it was believed that those who struggled with alcoholism simply lacked morals, were sinners or had a permanent mental health condition that required long-term hospitalization. As a result, alcoholism was harshly misunderstood up until recently.  It wasn’t until Alcoholics Anonymous was first founded in the […]

What Are the Symptoms of Drinking Too Much Alcohol?

Symptoms of Drinking Too Much Alcohol Some people get too drunk one time in high school, experience a severe hangover, and successfully avoid alcohol for the remainder of their lives. Other people get too drunk in high school, get too drunk in college, and continue drinking excessively for the remainder of their adult lives. However, […]

What Are Common Behaviors of Drunk People?

Common Behaviors of Drunk People Alcohol is one of the most common and widely abused substances in the world. It is the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States. Alcohol affects men and women differently; it affects people in general differently. However, people exhibit some common signs when they are intoxicated, and […]

What Happens During Alcohol Poisoning?

What Is and When Occur Alcohol Poisoning? Alcohol poising occurs when someone consumes too much alcohol at one time. This causes a flood of alcohol in the bloodstream and affects areas in the brain that are vital to control physical functions like heart rate, breathing, and body temperature. Alcohol poisoning generally happens when too much […]

Alcohol Abuse in the Ages of 35 to 65

Alcohol Addiction Between Ages of 35 to 65 Alcohol abuse and addiction are some of the most prevalent issues that society as a whole face. Alcohol addiction can completely ruin lives in a short matter of months or years – leave people completely broken, nothing but mere shells of their former selves. According to a […]

Motivational Quotes for Recovering Alcoholics

Powerful Quotes for Alcoholics in Recovery Addiction recovery is not always easy, and even people who make an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting every single day, keep up with their step work and go to therapy once a week will have difficult days. The good news is that maintaining recovery is always possible and that everything is […]

Drinking on New Year’s Eve After Being Sober

What Happens If You Drink on New Years’? A relapse (in most circumstances) refers to the “recurrence of a past condition.” When it comes to drugs and alcohol, relapse refers to a return to drug use or drinking after a period of sobriety. Experiencing a relapse can be extremely difficult. Many things are hard about […]