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What Is A Mental Breakdown?

Get to Know More About a Mental Breakdown Experiencing some distress is a normal part of life. Whether it is from family life at home, school, or work. But when the feelings become too overwhelming, they can contribute to a mental breakdown. It’s commonly understood to occur when life’s demands become physically and emotionally overwhelming. […]

What Mental Health Issues Do Alcoholics Have?

Mental Health Issues Related to Alcoholism Although alcohol is considered socially acceptable to consume in most parts of the world and is heavily advertised on television and the streets, heavy alcohol use can prove to be deadly to a person’s physical and mental wellbeing and the overall physiological health of their brain. In addition, heavy […]

Is Outpatient Mental Health Counseling Effective?

More About Outpatient Mental Health Counseling Services Mental health is something that everyone has to deal with in some capacity or another. Most of us engage in self-care that centers around ensuring that our mental health stays intact. We either take several yoga classes a week, spend some time alone reading our favorite book or […]

Mental Health Counseling With Tricare Insurance

Counseling for Military Members With Tricare Insurance Mental health counseling is a fundamental part of every effective treatment program. Addiction is a chronic and relapsing brain disease – one that severely compromises physical, mental, and emotional health. For addiction to be effectively treated, its impact on mental health must be adequately addressed. Most reputable treatment […]