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Dangers of Shooting Up Benzodiazepines

December 6, 2020 , Agape Treatment Center

Dangers of Shooting Up Benzodiazepines

More About Shooting Up Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines, more commonly referred to as benzos, are a classification of prescription sedatives most commonly prescribed to treat anxiety and sleep-related issues like insomnia. Some of the more common brand name benzos include Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, Ativan, and Halcion. Because benzos are so potent and habit-forming, medical professionals will only prescribe them to be taken for short periods.

Still, even when taken exactly as prescribed, these medications can result in physical and psychological dependence. Individuals who become addicted to benzos often resort to ingesting them in other ways (normally they are taken orally, in a pill form). To feel the related effects more quickly, someone might crush a pill and snort it, or crush it, boil it down into a liquid and inject it intravenously.

What Happens When You Inject Benzodiazepines?

Shooting up benzodiazepines, or using them intravenously, is extremely dangerous. Using any drug intravenously can result in a wide range of serious side effects, including:

  • Collapsed veins
  • Infection at the injection site
  • Overdose and overdose-related death
  • Endocarditis (inflammation of the heart lining)
  • Thrombosis (blood clots that form in the veins, causing dangerous blockages)
  • Musculoskeletal infections
  • More rapid onset of addiction/substance dependency
  • An increased risk of contracting diseases like HIV and Hepatitis
  • Chronic venous insufficiency (obstructed blood flow from the heart to the legs)
  • An increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases
  • Tuberculosis
  • Abscesses and other skin-related issues

Dangers involved in shooting up benzodiazepines include:

  • Benzodiazepine overdose
  • The rapid onset of benzodiazepine dependence
  • Bacterial infections and abscesses
  • Permanent damage to the veins/scarring
  • The transmission of bloodborne diseases
  • Stroke

It is very important to keep an eye out for infections, which can be just as fatal as overdose when left untreated. Some of the most common symptoms of infection (that typically occur at or around the injection site) include pus-filled wounds, swelling that is warm to the touch, fever, painful and irritated skin lesions, dizziness, and lightheadedness. If you or someone you know has been shooting up benzodiazepines and has developed an infection, call 911 immediately in order to avoid more serious health-related complications.

Intravenous Abuse of Benzodiazepines

Sadly, intravenous drug use remains a major public health threat throughout the United States. The World Health Organization reports that nearly 16 million Americans currently abuse drugs intravenously. If you know someone who has been engaging in intravenous drug use, whether it directly concerns benzodiazepines or any other chemical substance, illicit or otherwise, reaching out for professional help is of the utmost importance. At Agape Treatment Center, we understand how rapidly intravenous drug use can destroy the lives of innocent men and women and their loved ones. Thousands of individuals lose their lives to this method of ingestion on an annual basis.

Agape Treatment Center and Benzodiazepine Addiction Recovery

Benzodiazepines are extremely potent, and overcoming a moderate or severe benzodiazepine addiction is certainly no small task. When it comes to benzo addiction recovery, medically monitored detox is always a necessary first step. This is because associated withdrawal symptoms are severe, and they can prove to be life-threatening when left untreated. The psychological cravings that tend to go hand-in-hand with post-acute benzo withdrawal can also be severe and can hinder progress in recovery when not addressed and treated accordingly. This is especially true when the individual was abusing a prescription sedative intravenously.

At Agape Treatment Center, we believe in addressing all underlying causes and contributing factors, treating benzo addiction at the root, and helping clients build the foundation they need to maintain sobriety long-term. We utilize a careful combination of proven medical and clinical treatment and effective therapeutic and holistic modalities. For more information on our integrated drug treatment program, reach out to us today.