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Mental Health Disorders Caused by Covid-19 Pandemic

How the Pandemic Related to Mental Illness? The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly not been a walk in the park for any of us. Many of us have had to grapple with a series of challenges that we had no prior experience with. Some of us have had to spend long hours on hold with the […]

Mental Health Therapy Helps With Opioid and Stimulant Abuse During the Pandemic

Mental Health Counseling Can Help With Opioid and Stimulant Addiction During Covid-19 The pandemic has created global uncertainty about income and work and worries about everyone’s health and loved ones’ well-being. Covid-19 has essentially caused everyone to feel afraid. For people who may struggle with an addiction or are misusing opioids or stimulant drugs, the […]

Studies Show Opioid Overdoses Have Risen Because of Covid-19

Covid-19 Pandemic Increases Opiate Overdoses More than 70,000 lives were lost in 2019 due to drug overdoses. It’s no secret that the United States has been experiencing an opioid epidemic for the last several years. More programs have been put into place to help those that suffer, and these programs are easily accessible to anyone, […]