Yoga 12 Step

This form of yoga is a rich and powerful program that integrates the wisdom of yoga with the practical tools of 12-step programs. Guided by “the issues that live in our tissues”, 12-Step Yoga fosters mind/body union, integration and balance. Yoga is a powerful way to fight addiction by simultaneously calming body and mind, with a focus on acceptance and healthy change. The practice relaxes the nervous system and the endocrine system and activates the release of healing hormones. It also stimulates he brain to produce alpha waves, which support visualization without emotion. Over time, this judgment-free practice will allow you to view images of your past with a neutral eye and dissolve triggers that may have stimulated your turn toward addictive substances.

The Research

Yoga increases sensitivity to bodily movements and mental states, which may explain why it has been linked to improved immunity.

Yoga and mindfulness form a union to enhance positive feelings and outlooks. Research has shown that the combination of yoga and mindfulness can provide energy, satisfaction, and stability on an addict’s road to recovery.

Yoga produces long lasting changes, which help maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is a positive way to cope with negative emotions, depression, and anxiety.

Yoga creates a sense of calm and solace that most people do not have the chance to experience in their everyday life.

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